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Please fix playback bug

I think the problem here is that the automatic playback of the notes on the staff is not sensitive to octave. (For instance, instead of playing a 6th, it plays a third, because those intervals are complementary.) I’m a music teacher and I would love to use this app with my students, but no way am I going to confuse them with it the way it currently is. PLEASE FIX THE BUG!! This app is unusable with the errors it now has.


Wish I had read the reviews before downloading this app. Too bad. Maybe there will be a fix eventually, so I will keep it for a while.

Version 1.1

Just got this for my daughter.Major fail. The interval pitches played along with the notes are not musically correct. Good grief. Even for a free app that's a bit much…...

Eye training or Ear training??

Like the others have said, the visual doesn't match the audio. The answers match the visual NOT the audio. I could live with it if it was the other way around. But, not this. Too bad, because it was a nice approach.


Free or not, avoid this app. As mjg0001 wrote, the sounds (answers) do not match the pictures (questions). The two pitches played (aural interval) do not match the two pitches on the staff (written interval). It is essential that students be able to connect what they hear with what they see so when you hear the interval of a 6th, it has to look like an interval of a 6th in musical notation. Just like when you hear the question "what is 2 + 2?" the answer has to be "4" or students are learning incorrect information. This defeats the goal of ear training and is very harmful to the student. The only plus is the quality of the graphics.

Close, but not quite

This application is beautifully designed, and easily communicates some rather difficult ideas. However, there are two fatal flaws that make it virtually useless and very detrimental to students. Unfortunately, the auditory intervals do not match the printed intervals. This glitch is rather fatal, since the whole point of the app is to learn how to recognize and identify both written and aural intervals. Second, there is no distinction between a major, minor, augmented, or diminished interval. Although the words sound advanced, the skills are extremely basic and do need to be taught from step one, otherwise students are learning incorrect information. As a music educator and graduate of a major conservatory, i would use this app nearly everyday in my classroom and reccomend it very highly to my students if these issues were straightened out. In it's current state, i have to do quite the opposite, because using this app does more damage than good since the material it is teaching is not accurate.

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